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When you use your car on a daily basis, small trouble spots can occur because of a discharged battery, which makes it difficult to start your car properly. It is therefore essential to acquire starter cables that must be kept carefully in a corner of the car trunk.

What are the startup cables for?

The starter clamps allow you to restart your car easily and efficiently when the battery is weak and weak. Their roles are to connect the battery terminals of the broken car to a car that has a higher power battery.

This boot accessory thus has the role of transferring the electrical power of the sound battery to the faulty battery, in order to effectively restart the car.

How to choose boot cables?

It is important to choose cables that are adapted to the amperage of the battery, in order to avoid any problem during the installation.

Make sure that the lengths of the cables are long enough and flexible to connect the batteries of two cars optimally. During the restart operation, generally, it is recommended a minimum length of 3.5 meters for cars and 5 meters for trucks.

Choose a starter accessory that has clips that are sturdy enough to attach to the different parts of the battery and make sure that the cable is thick enough, which will have a significant influence on the intensity of the current supported.
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