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The versatility of an inflatable kayak is at the height of the fun it provides

An inflatable kayak is perfect to enjoy nature and adventure. Water and physical exercise make up the ideal combination for all fans of outdoor sports. Descending rivers, navigating calmly by a lake, going out to the open sea and even going fishing are some of the activities we can do with one of these kayaks.

How to repair an inflatable kayak and guarantee its maintenance?

Prevention is always better than cure. Before you start using an inflatable kayak you have to inflate it to 50% of its capacity. If everything is correct, we will inflate the entire structure 100%. When it is time to store it, it is necessary to deflate it, wash it with fresh water, dismantle it and let it dry. In terms of repairs, always have a kit with patches is essential. In case of a puncture, we must deflate the kayak and locate the leak. The surface is then cleaned and one of these patches is applied by pressing for one minute. Before reusing the kayak, it is convenient to allow about four hours for the arrangement to take effect.

How to choose an inflatable kayak?

-If it is your first experiences in the world of kayaks, it is best to opt for the inflatable kayaks with maximum stability and small size.

-For those who love the sea in all its extension, nothing like the longer inflatable pirogues to increase performance over long distances.

-With regard to expert kayakers, a lightweight and resistant flat-belly kayak is the most convenient way to get into the rougher waters and be able to surf the waves during the descent.

-To finish, and although there are many types of inflatable kayaks, we can not forget the fishing lovers. A compartmentalized model, and if possible two-seater, is ideal to enjoy your favorite hobby in good company.