Kidney Belts

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The first rays of sunshine lure, the road is calling. Put on the helmet, put on the jacket - and off to the motorcycle. But is not there something missing? At the latest, if you are a few days later plagued by low back pain, you remember what you have forgotten: the kidney belt. In contrast to helmet, jacket, boots and the leather suit, it is inconspicuous, after all, it is worn under clothing and hardly noticeable. It is also much cheaper than the rest of the equipment - but all that does not make it less important. The kidney belt provides important protection and without it you should not sit on your bike even in good weather.

Important protection function

The kidney belt performs a simple but important function: It keeps the kidneys and lower back warm. This area is particularly vulnerable to drafts while riding a motorcycle, whether you wear a short jacket or a long jacket. The kidneys are sensitive to cold and drafts, and anyone who has ever had kidney or renal pelvic inflammation knows how uncomfortable and painful these conditions are. Women are anatomically more at risk than men. The shorter urinary tracts in the female body make it easier for bacteria to enter the bladder and kidneys and cause infections faster. Infection of the kidneys must always be treated by a doctor, otherwise inflammation can set in and mature into chronic complaints. But not only the organs, but also the muscles and tendons in the lower back want to be protected from the cold. Here, too, the cool airstream accelerates tension that can cause severe pain. Kidney straps protect this sensitive area. In winter, they keep you comfortably warm and even at pleasant temperatures they avoid hypothermia due to the seemingly pleasant breeze.

Kidney straps: different models

There are kidney belts in different designs and at different prices. In the past, kidney belts were made of leather, but modern synthetic fibers better meet the needs of motorcyclists and provide extra comfort. First of all, every kidney belt should serve its purpose. Whether cheap or expensive, simple or chic: they all keep the kidney area to a certain extent warm and are sufficient in summer temperatures. For rides in winter, you should use a padded model, a simple neoprene kidney belt then donates no more heat. Particularly suitable for uncomfortable weather are straps that are warmly lined inside and additionally insulated with a wind-repellent layer. Here, for example, leather or neoprene come into question, inside, however, a cushion should be appropriate. For particularly cold days, there are also straps that have pockets, in which a heating element can be inserted if necessary. Just as important as the insulating function are the breathable properties. The warmest belt will not do much if the skin under it can not breathe. You sweat and the humidity makes it even colder.

Fit and fit of kidney belt

The kidney belt can only serve its purpose if it is worn as close to the body and in the right position as possible. That means: It should be worn on the T-shirt and not over the jacket. There he is worthless. The kidneys sit in the lower back and there must also be the strap. When buying, make sure you have a good fit and the right size, otherwise the belt will either sit too loosely or it will permanently slip up onto your waist and it will not do its job. The belt must fit snugly, but not constrict. It should be felt as a supporting element, but not as a "corset, and should not interfere with breathing. Most straps are closed with Velcro straps and can be easily adapted to your own body. We offer kidney belts for every body shape that will protect you perfectly in all weather conditions. Find the right harness for your next motorcycle tour.