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Children's helmets: the best way to protect your children

Helmets for children, as with gloves and knee and elbow protectors, are essential elements to ensure your safety every time you ride a bike or motorcycle with you. And, thanks to them, it is possible to avoid that, in case of suffering an accident, they hit their heads and run the risk of having a serious injury. In addition, they present some children's designs marked by the use of bright colors and patterns. They also have ventilation grilles for comfort.

What are helmets made for children?

The helmets for children consist of three different layers. First, it is worth mentioning the interior, which is usually made of a breathable and padded fabric that ensures comfort in direct contact with hair and skin. For its part, the outer one is rigid plastic and its function is to isolate the intermediate layer, which is the most important. Specifically, it is made up of materials such as fiberglass, tricomposite or kevlar, and its purpose is to distribute the force of the impacts once they occur.

How to choose helmets for children?

- Check the size. In the case of children, size is something especially important because they are in full growth stage. Choose one that is not too tight or too loose.

- With ventilation grilles. These favor comfort without compromising safety, especially when doing sports.

- That they are complemented with accessories. It is important for helmets to wear comfortable sun glasses, visors and similar accessories.
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