Kitchen Cabinets

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Storage space is important in every apartment. Especially in the kitchen, it is often important to find a practical, but also nice solution for pots, chopping boards, cutlery, glasses and other things. However, the more you customize and personalize your kitchen according to your own ideas, the more expensive the pleasure becomes.

The choice is therefore often not easy, but thanks to the large variety of inexpensive kitchen cabinets you will surely quickly find it here - regardless of whether wall cabinets, base cabinets or accessories such as screws, fenders and Geschirrabtropfer.

Find the right material

Kitchen cabinets are available in a variety of materials - and all bring their advantages and disadvantages.

• plastic

- Very easy to clean and robust

- scratch resistant

- Many colors and design options

- Often a cheap alternative

• Paint

- Looks noble and chic

- hard-wearing and resistant

- Easy to clean

• Wood

- Works warm and comfortable

- Durable

- Requires a little more care and a thorough cleaning

• Stainless steel

- Often used decoratively

- Very hygienic

- Scratches and fingerprints are quickly noticed

• glass (front)

- Make small kitchens look bigger and more open

Cabinet types

Base cabinets provide convenient and easily accessible storage space. These are available with doors or drawers, with drawers in many cases being the more practical solution. Here you can choose between partial extension (the drawers are automatically stopped when they are half pulled out) and full extension (the drawers can be pulled out completely). The latter facilitates the work enormously, since all contents are very clear and achievable. Even as a corner cupboard, a cabinet can be easily installed.

For wall cabinets, often called kitchen cabinets in the trade, the correct dimensions must be taken necessarily. Not only the bottom edge, but also the height of the cabinets has to be considered, so that they can be conveniently placed in the kitchen. Also wall cabinets come with different options for opening: Doors or flaps are very popular here. Often counted in the category of wall cabinets are the top cabinets, which rest directly on the work surface. They form a niche. Top cabinets are often closed by a kind of blind or blind, which sets a nice accent and conjures up a slightly different note. Toasters, coffeemakers, kettles, and other kitchen appliances are often hidden in these niches. Tall cabinets offer a lot of storage space and many equipment options. Pull-out internal pull-outs, swivel and extendable baskets or wire mesh are just a few suggestions. High cabinets are also particularly well suited as storage cabinets. The most popular is the so-called Apothekerschrank.

Tips for choosing

Once you have chosen a material and cabinet type, it is about finding the right piece of furniture. There are a few points to note. Be sure that you have taken the right dimensions and have included factors such as power outlets and water connections. Keep the size of your kitchen in mind at all times, especially when choosing accessories. It is easy to be carried away by the wide selection; however, a small kitchen can quickly become flooded, leaving no room on the work surface. Therefore, it makes sense to inform yourself on the Internet about practical solutions in a small space. There are many ways to effectively use even small rooms with practical systems and kitchen cabinets. Keep in mind the different cabinet types. For small rooms, a color concept can create optical depth. Dark colors, for example, make the room appear smaller, while lighter colors with color accents make the room more open, brighter and larger. The same applies to the selection of materials. On the personal taste it depends on the theme "high gloss or dull?". Both lenses can look very noble, but require a different degree of maintenance.