Kitchen Floor Cabinets

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In a kitchen there are countless things that need to be kept. From pots and pans to plates, glasses and cutlery, everything takes its place. Cooking is about organization and timing. Well-stocked kitchen cabinets provide enough storage space to accommodate everything. They also support the worktop and represent the base.

How high are kitchen cabinets?

With the help of different body and base heights, the working height in the kitchen can be flexibly adjusted. It should be based on the size of the people who use the kitchen mainly. Those who often work in a stooping posture can get back problems in the long term. However, do not forget when aligning the kitchen cabinets that a countertop is still placed on the cabinets.

How to choose the right kitchen cabinets?

- Which dimensions are available? Although there are special designs, most manufacturers offer kitchen cabinets in the width of 30 cm to 120 cm. You should think about what should be stored in the cabinets to determine the correct width.

- What types of kitchen cabinets are there? Kitchen cabinets are used as a drawer cabinet, pull-out cupboard, shelf cabinet, shutter cabinet, cooker cupboard, glass door cupboard, cupboard for the sink or sliding-door cupboard.

- How do you plan a kitchen? At the beginning you should plan the stove, the sink and the refrigerator and determine the size and location. Around these cabinets, you then plan the rest of the storage cabinets, depending on the amount that you want to store. Corners can be used thanks to special corner cabinets.