Kitchen Furniture

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The kitchen is a very sociable place where cooking and spending time together. Therefore, many people want to furnish them as nice and comfortable as possible. This often requires a little planning. The size and angulation play a role, as well as the personal taste and whether you want to use it at the same time as a dining room or lounge.

The basic equipment: Which furniture should be available?

Not every kitchen has the opportunity to let your imagination run wild. Often you have to make compromises and give up one or the other piece of furniture. But then again there are kitchen furniture that you definitely should not miss.

Of course, the optics should not be neglected. However, you should also pay attention to the functionality. It is up to you where you make compromises or compromises; however, it is important to keep in mind that the kitchen will be used daily for several years, and any restrictions on functionality may be annoying in the long term.

Ergonomics can also be crucial. If necessary, you should pay attention to easily accessible cabinets and drawers to protect the back and knee joints. Also, the height of the worktop should not be too low: Ideally, 15 centimeters distance from angled arm to worktop.

Basically, there should be enough storage space for your cutlery as well as plates, pots, pans and other kitchen accessories. A sink is as much a must as enough work surface and a stove and oven.

The selection of the right kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the kitchen furniture that is part of every kitchen. But the selection is not always easy.

• Which material is the most suitable? Many ask themselves this question. Whether plastic, wood or stainless steel, each material has its advantages and disadvantages, which you should weigh individually.

• The choice of cabinet type is not unimportant. Base cabinets and wall cabinets are particularly popular because they can be reconciled with almost any size kitchen and also offer plenty of storage space, especially in small kitchens.

• When planning, be sure to include factors such as electrical outlets and water connections, and make the appropriate measurements before purchasing.

• Especially when it comes to choosing the accessories, you should not forget the size of your kitchen. It is easy to be carried away by all the possibilities that exist. However, in a small kitchen can quickly create a kind of "flooding".

• Find out about practical solutions in a small space on the Internet. With clever systems, you can also practically divide small spaces.

• Personal taste depends on the theme "high gloss or matt?". Both lenses can look very noble, but require a different degree of maintenance.

Further design ideas

Anyone who had to make some compromises when furnishing the kitchen furniture, would like to make the kitchen even more comfortable with design ideas and small accessories.

In small rooms, for example, a color concept can create optical depth. Dark colors make the room seem smaller, while brighter colors, with colorful accents, make the room more open, brighter and bigger. The same applies to the selection of materials.

If you enjoy cooking often and often, you can create a small herb garden on the windowsill. If space permits, a small trolley can be handy. Basil, thyme and parsley find their place so you can refine and round off any meal.

Pictures and other wall decorations also make the kitchen more comfortable and cozy. These can be painted pictures, posters or photos. Or how about keeping your favorite apron by the kitchen door? So is always ready to handle and ready to use if you want to conjure up the next court.