Kitchen Tables

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Whether made of wood, steel or other materials, kitchen tables are indispensable furniture. Made to entertain friends or to share family-friendly moments, they are practical, functional and decorative furniture.

What table model for what needs?

It all depends on the size of your kitchen, as well as your expectations. If you're just looking for a side table, you do not have to choose a model that will take up all the space and clutter your room. Better, in this case, a small folding kitchen table, a square table or a bar table. On the contrary, if you like to entertain the world and your kitchen is big enough to allow you, you can opt for a long and massive rectangular table, around which the whole family can sit to share good meals.

How to choose your kitchen table?

- Select a table with dimensions adapted to the size of your kitchen.

- Bet on a model in the same style as the rest of your furniture. If your kitchen is modern, opt for a table with contemporary design.

- Prefer sturdy materials, such as wood, which will bring strength to your furniture.

- Opt for an easy-to-clean kitchen table: glass is easy to clean, but easily scratched; melamine or laminate trays are the most practical. In any case, never use the scraper of your sponge to remove a stain: assured scratches.