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Kites for young and old

Flying kites is a pleasure for children as well as adults. Since wind is necessary, you can see kites flying in the sky, especially in autumn. There are one- and two-liners made of different materials and in different shapes and designs. Zweileiner are so-called stunt kites, with which you can perform tricks.

Which kite is suitable for beginners?

Beginners should choose a kite that is easy to fly and navigate. Stable kites are easier to steer Especially good is when the kite rises even in low wind and thus is suitable for all wind conditions. In addition, such a kite should be robust for beginners, so he is still fit to fly even after a few crashes.

How to choose the right kite

- Should the dragon be used by children? Then you have to pay attention to the specified minimum weight. If the children weigh less than prescribed, they can take off in stronger winds.

- Are there different motives for children? Yes, there are butterflies, squid and Disney motifs that really inspire children.

- What should beginners pay attention to? Easy-to-fly or other hints stand for kites, which are easy to control and suitable for different wind conditions. They hold crashes.

- Do you want to do tricks with the dragon? Then you should choose a stunt kite.
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