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Laser printers: fast, economical and quality prints

Laser printers have established themselves as the main alternatives to classic ink printers. This is mainly due to the fact that they have extremely compact designs, that they are capable of carrying out a large number of impressions per minute and that each of them has a fairly low price. In addition, the quality, in general terms, does not detract either. Without a doubt, these are the main reasons why more and more people are betting on them. Also, they complement each other perfectly with scanners, SD card readers and compatible toners or cartridges.

How do laser printers work? How to clean a laser printer? How to replace the toner of a laser printer?

Laser printers base their operation, fundamentally, on the action of static electricity. In this sense, they emit a beam of laser light, from which its name is derived, whose purpose is to record the shape, intensity and direction of the letters or images so that, later, a photoconductor cylinder passes over the marks , which must be ionized. Then, the toner also passes over them, which contains powdered ink inside. The molecules of said ink are attracted by the recordings and are deposited on them generating the printing of the document.

Laser printers are delicate devices that must be cleaned with certain periodicity. In this sense, it is important that you spend careful and follow the following instructions regarding the cleaning of the pickup roller, the path of the paper and the area of ​​the print cartridge, which are the three most susceptible elements to get dirty. First, disconnect the power cable from the plug and then moisten a cloth that does not generate lint with water or, in its absence, isopropyl alcohol. Then, carefully, pass it on the pieces gently, removing the remains of dust and other dirt elements.

The ink toner of laser printers can be replaced easily and conveniently. First, open the lid under which it is located and, doing a little pressure, remove the cartridge from the compartment. Subsequently, remove the new toner from the packaging with great care, since exposure to light can deteriorate it. In this sense, you can cover it momentarily with a sheet of paper to prevent this from happening. Then, with the printer turned on and following the instructions, quickly place the new one and select the "Test Print" option to verify that you have done well.

How to choose laser printers?

- Look at the printing speed. If you are one of those who need to print many documents every day, opt for those that are capable of processing a large number of sheets per minute.

- That works with recyclable cartridges. So you can reuse the cartridges or, failing that, recycle them in a store and get discounts.

- Take into account the use that you are going to give. There are simple laser printers that focus on text documents and other more sophisticated ones capable of representing on paper photographs loaded with colors and details. Choose the one you need without forgetting that the price tends to vary ostensibly.