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Lenses for cameras and camcorders

When you acquire a new camera or camcorder, they usually bring with them very basic objectives. So, if you want to dedicate yourself to photography as a hobby, or you are a professional in search of new creative ideas, you have at your disposal a wide range of objectives that will contribute to your work the extra quality you are looking for.

Types and functions of the objectives

The objectives are responsible for defining the image in the camera sensor, which is why there is a wide variety of them depending on the results you want to achieve and, also, depending on the level of knowledge you have in the field of Photography. They can be classified as follows:

• Normal objective: These are the objectives that have an angle of vision similar to that of the human eye. They are 55mm and the most common.

• Wide-angle lenses: These are the objectives that have a focal length between 18 and 35 mm, and with viewing angles between 180 and 63 degrees.

• Telephoto lenses: These allow you to take pictures from very far distances. They are used, for example, for sports photography. They have a reduced viewing angle and can go from 70mm onwards.

• Macro objectives: These objectives manage to capture images with a great precision of detail. They can focus up to one centimeter from the objective.

• Fisheye: These are the objectives with the most angle of vision that exist. They have a focal length between 6 and 16 mm, and can reach 180º or more. Its function is to distort the images.

If you are going to acquire a new objective, it is advisable to get a quality filter. It is also important to have a cleaning and protection kit to achieve optimal maintenance.