Living Room Furniture

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The living room is the whereabouts that you want to set up cozy and comfortable. It should be inviting, family and friends should feel comfortable in it and like to spend time. The right combination of textures and colors in your living room furniture is not completely unimportant.

Basic tips for setting up your living room

Before you despair of choosing the right materials, fabrics and structures, here are some basic ideas on how to design your living room.

• The placement of your furniture

Of course, it depends on the size of the room, but a welcoming center or an inviting corner of cozy living room furniture is a nice idea to get peace and comfort in the room. Even freestanding furniture can create a great atmosphere.

• colors and patterns

Do not be afraid of the combination of eye-catching colors and patterns. As long as they do not bite completely, you can express your personality and conjure up great eye-catchers. Simple furniture with colorful cushions, for example, bring life into the room, a contrast wall can make the room look friendlier.

• Lightweight furniture

It does not always have to be a huge wall unit. Meanwhile, there are sleek furniture that fits in perfectly with every room. They no longer slap the room like this and do not take up much space. Even electronic devices, such as televisions or the stereo system, integrate easily.

• Room divider

Freestanding shelves are also ideal as a room divider. You can separate living and dining areas without creating a harsh atmosphere.

• Poufs

For a more comfortable atmosphere, or if you do not have much space for a large sofa corner, pillows or poufs on the floor. They give the room an alternative charm, but at the same time provide a cozy seating area for you or for guests.

• (Indirect lighting

Even with colored accents in the lighting, you can create cosiness. Indirect lighting, for example behind the sofa or behind the shelf, gives the room warmth and is especially beautiful in the colder and darker autumn and winter months.

• carpets and accessories

Do not underestimate the effect of carpets, pillows and other accessories. They really round off a room and give it that personal touch that makes it a home in the end.

Ideas for wall design

The design of the walls can be a great element of the living room design. It is not always the living room furniture that makes up the ambience of the room.

Photos are of course the decoration that gives your space the most personality. Reminiscent of images captured in beautiful frames on the wall, the most beautiful moments that you can always remember back.

Even posters can bring your favorite places, movies, artists and spells into the design of the living room. The same goes for wall tattoos that let you bring the Empire State Building or the Big Ben directly into your living room.

But even with colors, the living room can be combined with the living room furniture and brought into harmony. They can be coordinated or separated from each other, thus bringing a certain atmosphere into the room. Especially small rooms or those with little daylight benefit from a well-chosen color scheme.

Feng-shui: harmony in the room

You've probably heard of the concept of feng-shui before. With the Chinese doctrine of harmony, many people want to bring peace to their living room. The four principles that must be considered are:

• The center of the room should be emphasized

• The seating should be aligned with a stable wall

• Different islands of light create liveliness, and

• Colors and materials create a harmonious atmosphere.