Lotion & Soap Dispensers

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Soap dispensers are an essential element in both your bathroom and your kitchen. They are a necessary accessory for hygiene and cleaning. In addition, they can become a decorative element thanks to the wide variety of models and designs available in the market. In our catalog you can find dispensers and dispensers of different sizes, prices and characteristics.

How to choose a soap dispenser

Here are some of the main features of the dispensers to help you choose the perfect soap dispenser for your home:

• Size: you can find dispensers of many sizes. In general, the size, directly related to the capacity of the tank, will be higher in the wall dispensers than in the shelf ones. Likewise, the dispensers designed for kitchen are a little larger than the dispensers for bathroom.

• Installation: in addition to conventional dispensers, you can also find wall dispensers. The mechanism of both models is the same, but the latter are installed directly on the surface of the wall and remain fixed.

• Material: soap or lotion dispensers are manufactured mainly using plastic or stainless steel, although we can also find other types of materials such as ceramics, for example.

• Operation: there are manual dosing devices, which are operated by pressing with the hand, and automatic dispensers. The latter usually have a sensor that is activated when the hand is approached, without physical contact being necessary.

• Use: the characteristics of the dispensers usually vary according to their use: domestic or professional. The latter usually have special sealing systems to prevent the spread of germs and ensure hygienic safety in certain more sensitive environments.