Low-Fitting Springs

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Lowering springs are needed if you want to reduce the distance between the body and the road on your car. For this purpose, install shorter springs.

Which lowering springs are hard?

Many car owners want extra hard lowering springs to change the handling. If you want to use a hard suspension in your vehicle, you should test it beforehand. If possible, drive a comparable vehicle to the test before conversion. Find out if the suspension is not too hard for your needs.

How to choose suitable lowering springs?

- Are lowering springs universally suitable? No. When buying it is important that you consider your vehicle type. This manufacturer and model are often not enough. Also, the structure is important. So it may be that a convertible needs a different spring set than the sedan of the same model. The year of manufacture also plays a major role in choosing the right spring set.

- Can lowering springs be bought separately? As a rule, lowering springs are offered as a set of four. If you decide to replace the springs, you must change all four springs. Otherwise lowering a vehicle is not possible. Sometimes it happens after an accident or material fatigue that a spring breaks. In these cases, it is helpful to contact the manufacturer directly for the purchase of a single spring.