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You recently bought a new mattress, but you are not sure if buying a mattress topper is really necessary? Good mattresses are often expensive and should therefore last a long time. For this reason, investing in a mattress topper, also known as a mattress topper, is recommended. These are pads that you put over the mattress and, for example, with a rubber at the corners of the mattress to fix, to protect your mattress from dust, dirt and daily use. There are many compelling arguments in favor of buying mattress pads, but in the end, you have to decide whether a mattress topper is an unnecessary investment and costly or a sensible investment.

What are mattress pads made of?

Mattress pads are made in different materials. It is important to pay attention to the quality of mattress pads when buying. Most mattress covers today consist of cold foam or a viscoelastic foam. Which one is best for you depends entirely on your individual sleeping needs.

People who want to support their body while sleeping often prefer cold foam pads. A mattress pad made of cold foam adapts to the body contours and thus provides a pressure relief for the spine, intervertebral disc and joints. Cold foam pads are also breathable and help to regulate the moisture we lose when sleeping. This is especially in demand for people who move a lot during their sleep and sweat. As most polyurethane foam pads are also harmless to allergy sufferers. In recent years, the popularity has increased especially for mattress pads made of gel foam, (natural) - latex - and visco foam, because they ensure optimal orthopedic body adaptation and thus for a perfect sleep. In addition, due to its chemical composition, latex has integrated air channels that ensure that your mattress is well ventilated, making it very hygienic. Even mattress pads made of viscose or known as memory foam, promise a 100% body adaptation and relieves the pressure back, joints and the like.

The top of high-quality mattress pads is mainly made of cotton, which makes the bed feel pleasantly soft. The thickness of the mattress pad varies. For example, multi-sided mattress toppers, which primarily find utility in the nursery, have a PE film that provides protection against liquids. However, you should make sure that the mattress pad is breathable, otherwise mold can form quickly. The mold does not necessarily always arise on the mattress surface, but can spread unnoticed in the mattress and harm health in the long term. In addition, there are even special fur pads, which provide a warmer bed in winter.

Why do you need mattress pads?

The advantages of a mattress pad are greater than its disadvantages. Mattress pads not only protect against the wear of your mattress, they also offer a higher sleeping comfort. Above all, low-quality mattresses can be upgraded by an extra layer and ensure better sleep. But the durability and durability of your mattress increases with the purchase of a mattress pad, as it protects the surface against rubbing and rubbing. So the traces of the nightly rolling back and forth are only deposited on the mattress pad. Especially expensive mattresses benefit from the extra protection against nocturnal use. Mattress pads also protect against unwanted guests such as dust mites, fungus and other microorganisms. Often only the bedding serves as a buffer between you and your mattress, which can be quite unhygienic after a while. When sleeping, we not only lose moisture, but also dander, which is at the top of the menu of microorganisms. A mattress pad can protect against the ingress of unwanted blackheads. Another plus of mattress pads is your handling. Mattress pads are easy to remove, ventilate, put in the washing machine and even cook. Most mattress pads are even suitable for the dryer.
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