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A bathrobe can fulfill a variety of purposes. Whether for cosiness at the Sunday breakfast, after a long shower or after a sauna, it is soft, pleasant and keeps you warm. Not only ladies are convinced, gentlemen also appreciate the comfort of a bathrobe.

Only since the beginning of the 20th Century, there is the bathrobe, as we know it today, for men and women alike. Previously, it served as a dressing gown and not for comfort.

An overview of the materials, tips on how to recognize a good bathrobe and how to find the right size can be found here.

Which selection is available for the material?

When choosing your bathrobe, you are sure to look at the material. There are several options, all of which are suitable for different purposes.

• Terrycloth is a very absorbent and warm material, which is ideal for use on the beach, after a shower or in the wellness area. The disadvantage: It brings a high weight, which can be a bit uncomfortable for traveling.

• Microfibre is also very warm and feels pleasant on the skin. It is much lighter and is also easy to clean. However, it is not as absorbent as terry, and therefore does not fulfill the dual purpose of a bath towel.

• Cotton is the center piece between terry and microfiber. It is absorbent and can be easily washed at 60 degrees in the washing machine. When processing in men's bathrobe you will often find the so-called waffle pattern.

• Satin and silk are only suitable for bathrobes that are used as a dressing gown. They are not particularly warm and are not very absorbent, but make visually a lot and feel great on the skin.

Quality features of a good bathrobe

The material is just one aspect of choosing the right bathrobe. There are a few more points that should not be overlooked if you are looking for a quality bathrobe.

A good men's bathrobe should be easy-care and washable at least 40, better 60 degrees. It is also advantageous if it is suitable for tumble drying. He should be faithful to form and not lose after repeated washing and drying his form and pleasant quality of materials. He should also be lint free; not only to protect other garments while washing, but also to not limit the wearing comfort. The same applies to color fastness.

For bathing and sauna the bathrobe should be absorbent, but not unpleasant. Moisture should be absorbed, like a bath towel, into the fiber but not on the skin. Here is also a hood of advantage. For a comfortable relaxing at home the bathrobe should be as soft as possible.

If you are particularly looking for a dressing gown made of fine materials such as satin or silk, you should pay attention to the processing and quality of the material. The care of these bathrobes is often a little more elaborate; You can only wash them at low temperatures and should not put them in the dryer if possible.

Those who pay attention to certificates and seal of approval should pay attention to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which guarantees the high-quality processing of fibers, yarns, fabrics and the final product.

The perfect fit: which size is the right one?

Basically, you can buy the men's bathrobe in your normal size, if necessary, one size larger. The sleeves should go a little over the wrist. This ensures comfort and better warmth. Also for the length applies: Better too long than too short. When sitting down, both sleeves and the bathrobe will slide up. At least to the knee he should go, everything else is a matter of taste.
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