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The men's shoes are garments that will bring a youthful and casual touch to your style. But choosing the right ones is not always a simple task. In addition to a design that convinces you, you must choose a comfortable model that adapts well to your foot, since footwear not only stands out for its aesthetic function, but also plays an important role in the health of your body.

How to choose men's shoes?

The market offers a wide variety of shoes for men, and it can be difficult to choose between the different models, styles and types of footwear that exist. If you want to put your ideas in order and choose with judgment the shoes that best suit you, pay attention to the following elements:

• Style: although, by definition, the shoes marry with a casual style, this one has many variants. Are you more of sports or urban looks? Do basketball or classic highs go better? A great advantage of the shoes, is that there are several retro models with which you will be sure, because they stick with almost any style and never go out of style.

• Comfort: it is one of the most important criteria, both for health and for use. As much as you like some slippers, if you do not feel comfortable with them you will not use them as much as you would like. To avoid this, look for a shoe that is made with soft and flexible materials.

• Use: there are mainly two types of shoes in relation to their use: sports and urban. If you want to dress with your shoes every day, and in a casual way, go for urban ones. If you are looking for specific shoes to perform physical activities, it is advisable that you look for specialized sports shoes that guarantee the safety of your foot. However, some models of sports shoes can be used interchangeably for sports or for daily.

• Transpiration: choose a shoe whose materials allow the foot to be always fresh.

• Color: if you do not want to risk, black men's shoes are the most common and those that combine with almost any style. Also, you have at your disposal a wide range of colors to choose from.

• Seams: avoid shoes with internal seams, as they can cause chafing.

• Time of the year: during the winter it is advisable to wear shoes with thicker and waterproof soles to insulate the foot from cold and rain. While in summer we recommend a thin footwear, of light materials and that breathe well.

What shoes to wear to play sports?

For sport, you can not use any type of shoe. Sports brands develop, increasingly, better materials for physical activities and, if what you are looking for is a shoe to perform a specific sport, your best option is to buy shoes manufactured exclusively for that activity. These will be perfectly adapted to the demands of your sport discipline, it will help you reduce the risk of injury.

On the other hand, if you perform several sports practices at the first level, and you want a single shoe to serve you for everything, you can always choose to buy conventional shoes.

What should you keep in mind when buying men's shoes?

Improper footwear can lead to short-term injuries, and various diseases in the medium and long term. Make sure that the footwear you decide to buy is, at all times, securely fastened to the foot, but without being too tight. In addition, you must remember that the best reference to know if the shoes you choose are the right ones for you is, mainly, the feeling of comfort.