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Wristwatches for men: make your own style

Wristwatches, whether sporting, classic, digital or analog, are essential accessories in your clothing. And, on the one hand, they give you the possibility to know the time and access to an infinity of additional functions and, on the other, they help you to put a touch of style and elegance to your look, especially if you use them with the suitable straps. So, no matter what your tastes are, you will surely find one or even several models that fit perfectly to them.

Where does the wristwatch go?

Traditionally, in terms of style, it has always been thought that the wristwatch should be placed on the left wrist of the subject that wears it. However, this is a mistaken belief, even though it is widespread. And it is that, from the moment in which wristwatches were invented, its use has always been advised in the opposite hand to the useful one. Therefore, left-handed people should put it on the right. In addition, this is considered as a sign of character and personality.

How to choose wristwatches?

- The more functions, the better. Do not settle for a clock that only marks the time and tells you the date. If you include a stopwatch, alarm or any other function, you will find it much more useful.

- Opt for a model without the integrated strap. In this way, when you get tired of it, break it or want to give it a different touch, you will only have to change it.

- Resistant to water and dust. The greater your degree of resistance to these elements, the longer it will take to get dirty and the less likely it will be that it will spoil.