Milk Frothers

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Choosing a milk beater is essential to have an accessory that makes your kitchen more complete. This device is ideal for preparing delicious drinks with milk foam. Able to work manually or mechanically and provide both cold and hot milk, a milk beater will not take long to become an inseparable part of some of your best moments. Prepare coffee, shakes and even use the milk foam in your dishes to shape recipes that will make you succeed are just some of the reasons that allow us to talk about a milk beater as an essential part of the best kitchens.

How to use a milk beater?

It is convenient to distinguish between manual and electric models. With the seconds, the task can not be simpler, since it is enough to introduce the milk and press the button of the device so that the work is carried out perfectly. The manuals are another type of milk beater that some claim to produce the highest quality foam. It is a rod with which the milk is whisked little by little in a traditional way until it is at its perfect point.

How to choose a milk beater?

- When conducting your search, keep in mind that electrical devices are more comfortable but their price is slightly higher, so you have to weigh both characteristics.

- If you want to heat the milk at the same time you beat it, your options are either an electric device or a manual one that has a jug that can be heated.