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An electric oven is a useful appliance in every kitchen

The electric ovens are the ideal solution for those who want to try their hand at cooking even if they live in a studio or are in a holiday home. But they are also perfect for quickly heating some products or cooking small preparations without resorting to the traditional oven, which consumes more and in summer overheats the environment.

Ventilated or traditional electric ovens?

The ventilated electric ovens cook the dishes thanks to the hot air that a fan circulates in the internal cavity. This means that they can cook different dishes on different floors at the same time. The traditional small furnaces, on the other hand, heat by means of two resistances, placed respectively on the lower wall and on the upper one of the inner chamber. You can choose to activate only one resistance or both, but in both cases, this model of oven is suitable for cooking only one dish at a time. So choose a traditional oven only if you intend to use it to heat food or cook individual preparations.

How to choose an electric oven?

- Choose a model that has a capacity proportionate to the number of family members

- Check that the oven has dimensions that can be placed in your kitchen (please note that it should remain 10 cm away from walls and furniture)

- Make sure that there is an electrical outlet less than 1 m away from the oven, otherwise an extension cord must be used

- It must be verified that the oven is equipped with a grill, pan and spit; otherwise, these accessories must be purchased separately
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