Mirror Balls

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The mirror balls

What is the essential object for any self-respecting party? The mirror ball of course! Long relegated to the disco and the bums of our childhood, she is back! Come discover our selection of disco balls that will transform your evenings.

What is a mirror ball?

Under these different names: mirror ball, mirror ball, tango ball or disco ball, the mirror ball is the symbol of the party. Created in the 19th century, then popularized by disco music, its function has evolved over the years but its popularity has remained the same. Usually made of polystyrene and covered with mirror tips to reflect the light, this ball turns on itself thanks to an engine. Its diameter can range from a few centimeters to several meters. The record for the biggest faceted ball goes to a British DJ who built a ball three stories tall.

The different balls with facets

The mirror balls come in two sizes, you choose according to your preference. Are you more traditional or modern?

• The traditional mirror ball: composed of silver mirrors, this rotating ball is perfect for frenzied evenings with a taste of nostalgia.

• The LED mirror ball: these balls are the modern version of the disco ball. In the shape of a ball or a sphere, the LED mirror balls can project on the dance floor colored light and beautiful effects. LED technology also gives you an intensity unequaled by other types of lighting.
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