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The portable air conditioner is the ideal solution to freshen up more than one room in the house. It is particularly useful for those who cannot or do not wish to install a wall-mounted air conditioner and its external components.

In addition to having the advantage of a lower cost than a traditional air conditioner, a portable air conditioner is also more compact and has much lower energy consumption. It can also be transported to any room in the house, taking into consideration that it is equipped with an air expulsion tube that must be placed outside. The method of operation depends on the type of model chosen. There are also portable air conditioners equipped with a heat pump that also allows them to be used as a heating source.

How to choose a portable air conditioner

Before buying a portable air conditioner we must take into account that there are two main types: monoblock and split. The first refreshes the air expelling hot air and returning fresh air and can be noisier because the motor is inside the appliance; the second one is quieter because it has two units (the motor is placed outside) connected by two tubes and cools the air through the refrigerant gas. Thanks to the inclusion of a heat pump, both models can be equipped with a heating function that reverses the cold cycle.

Another difference is that between the on-off mode, in which the air conditioner switches on and off independently, reaching the desired temperature with maximum power, and the inverter mode, which by means of a modulating technology cools the room gradually lowering the power and maintaining a constant temperature. The inverter mode allows an energy saving of about 30% compared to the on-off one.

We must also take into account the air expulsion pipe, which must be placed outside the house, between the frames, under the blinds or by creating a temporary hole on the window glass.

Other factors to be evaluated during the purchase are the cooling power (proportional to the square footage of the rooms to be cooled), the energy class (classes A, A + and A +++ are preferable) and the noise level.

How to clean a portable air conditioner

To increase the longevity of the air conditioner, it is necessary to perform some maintenance operations, so as not to reduce its efficiency.

One of the most important operations is the cleaning of the internal filters. These filters, usually made of PVC, prevent odors and air pollutants such as pollen, dust and mites from being released into the environment. This purifying function is performed thanks to the presence of two filters, one with charcoal, to combat odors, and one with air, to eliminate dust. Also clogged filters increase the noise level of the appliance.

The specific position of the filters can be found in the maintenance booklet; once removed, it is advisable to carry out an initial cleaning using the vacuum cleaner, so as to eliminate most of the dirt. For a thorough cleaning it is then necessary to wash the filters with soap and water, without using solvents or chemical thinners. They will then have to be dried in the shade. To avoid damaging the conditioner, the filters can only be reinserted when completely dry. Instead, the external furniture must be washed with a soft sponge, avoiding the use of solvents that could ruin the paint; it must then be dried.

It is advisable to clean the filters before and after the annual period of use and, if used frequently, consistently. In case of wear or malfunction of other components it is advisable to contact a technician.
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