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Motorcycle batteries: repair your motorcycle without spending more
It is normal that, with the passage of time and use, the battery of your motorcycle ends up reaching the end of its useful life. In this case, because you can not even start it or, failing that, it will cost you a world to do it, you will have no choice but to replace it, which is a very simple process that you can carry out yourself. You just have to choose a model with the appropriate voltage and a size compatible with the compartment that holds it and connect the terminals.

How to change a motorcycle battery?

This is a very quick and simple process. First of all, you have to locate the place where the old motorcycle battery is located and then disconnect the terminals and the anchor system that you use to attach to the structure. Once you have done it, remove it and, in the same place, place the new motorcycle battery. Fix it to the compartment conveniently and, paying attention to which is the positive and which is the negative, replace the terminals. When you enter the key and turn it, the motorcycle should start without problems.

How to choose motorcycle batteries?

- Choose a motorcycle battery model with the appropriate voltage. Check the voltage of the battery you have installed on the motorcycle or, failing that, take a look at the user manual and buy one that meets the specified specifications.

- Be careful with the size. Before buying, check the measurements and check that it fits in the compartment of your bike.

- If they offer you something for your old battery, better. Batteries contaminate the environment and, therefore, have to be disposed of conveniently in specialized centers. Try that the one you buy the new one is responsible for getting rid of the old one.

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