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The exhaust pipe of a vehicle is essential to be able to remove the combustion gases produced by the engine. They are usually designed in such a way that they harm the environment as little as possible and the people who inhabit it, both acoustically and thermally. If you are thinking of changing the exhaust system of your motorcycle, either for reasons of aesthetics, noise, weight or any damage you have suffered, you should pay attention to various aspects.

What types can I find?

The systems and exhaust pipes of a motorcycle can be distinguished in two different ways: depending on the type of connection and according to the material:

• Regarding the connection, there are two main ones: the bolt-on connection tubes, and the slip-on connection tubes. The bolt-on are those tubes that, by means of screws and nuts, are attached directly to the collectors of the motorcycle. That is to say, there is no intermediate piece between the exhaust pipe and the collectors. However, slip-on exhaust systems find an elbow, or connector, between the tube and the collector of the motorcycle. The elbow serves as a bridge between both parts of the vehicle.

• As for materials, there are: aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium and stainless steel. The stainless steel tend to be the most common, and quite resistant. Those of aluminum, in spite of being those that more repairs usually require, are also less heavy. The carbon fiber, in addition to being equally light, have a better dissipation of the heat produced. And, finally, those of titanium, although of high price, are very durable.