Motorbike Protective Jackets

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In addition to the helmet, the motorcycle jacket must be an element that can not miss before hitting the road. This not only acts as a shield, but, by having a jacket that has reflective elements, we will be more visible to other drivers when we are under low light conditions.

What are the protective functions of a motorcycle jacket?

Motorcycle jackets are not any clothes. Both its design and its materials are selectively chosen to perform a double protective function:

• Shelter from weather: rain, wind, snow, sun ... these jackets are designed so that, regardless of the weather, we can enjoy our trips on two wheels to the fullest. Likewise, they also protect us from possible insects or dust that, when in contact with our skin, can cause us discomfort when driving.

• Protect our physical integrity in the event of a fall: Since when driving a motorcycle we do not have any type of protection that prevents us from being dismissed in the event of an accident, the clothes we wear must protect us as much as possible. Therefore, motorcycle jackets have reinforcements that act as a shell in the event that we suffer a mishap.

What are the characteristics that differentiate motorcycle jackets from other garments?

Motorcycle jackets are usually made of polyester, nylon or leather. These materials have as a common characteristic that they offer a great resistance to abrasion, so, in case of fall, they will effectively protect us from the possible burns generated by rubbing with asphalt. In addition, this type of garments have protectors, which must always be approved, either integrated in the jacket itself or "removable".