Motorbike Side Mirrors

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The rear-view mirrors are the most external parts of the bike and are often subjected to shocks and damage, but fortunately they are also easy to find and replace. They can be purchased individually or in pairs and exist in different models in terms of shape and characteristics. Motorcycle mirrors are available for a specific model or universal specimens suitable for different types of vehicles.

How to choose the motorcycle mirror

The most common rear-view mirrors for motorcycles are mounted laterally on the handlebars or on the motorcycle fairing by means of a metal, plastic, carbon fiber or other material arm. There are also models with folding arm or with colored chrome and specimens with built-in direction arrows. Some large bikes have mirrors that do not need an arm, but are installed directly inside the body. Extensions and supports can also be found on the market which mounted on the handlebars of any motorcycle make it possible to install universal side mirrors.

The mirror glass, which in case of breakage can be purchased individually, can be fixed or adjustable. The adjustable mirrors are very comfortable especially on large fairing bikes and therefore difficult to maneuver, because the position of the rear-view glass can be adjusted offering different perspectives.

The shape of the glass of the mirror is the most varied: from the classic round mirrors, to the rectangular models or stranger shapes, like the Maltese cross mirrors.

Finally, other supports such as the arms for navigators and mobile phones can be attached to the side mirror. To finish, some specimens of mirrors have a built-in wireless camera that allows shooting and recording of the completed route.

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