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Motorcycles present a problem for their owners when parking, as there are no specific garages for them and paying a full car seat seems excessive due to its high price. The easiest alternative is to park it on the street, where it will suffer the inclemency of the weather. But, unlike cars, the interior and exterior of the motorcycle is the same, so if we want to ensure comprehensive protection of our vehicle we will have to resort to a motorcycle cover.

What motorcycle cover does I buy?

If you want your motorcycle cover to help conserve your vehicle, you should take into account the following aspects:

• Size: depending on the size of your motorcycle, you must buy the size that best fits you to avoid dust, water or sunlight coming into contact with it.

• Materials: a simple plastic does not work, since it insulates the motorcycle from the outside so much that it causes moisture to accumulate. Make sure that the material transpire to allow ventilation, that the interior is soft to prevent scratching and that it is flame-retardant, to avoid scares with the heating of the exhaust area.

• Adjustable brooches: with them you can perfectly fit the case to your bike.

• Sturdy seams: if possible, they should be made of steel, so that they are able to withstand the most severe climates, such as rain or wind.

• Bag to keep it: with it you will keep your case better, keep it clean and safe, always prepared and located to be used.

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