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A motorhome is a very practical purchase. It is perfect for traveling of all kinds and makes it possible to build a place to sleep on the spot. While the focus used to be on travel, many use a motorhome as an at least partially permanent resident and appreciate the ability to travel and discover new places at the same time.

The basic equipment: Which accessories are particularly useful?

Of course, you can expand your motorhome as much as you like. However, if you are just starting out or generally prefer a smaller set of equipment, then the following things are especially useful.

• Cleaning and sanitary facilities

Both for the bathroom and for the kitchen, it is important to bring appropriate products for cleaning and maintenance. Especially important are a waste water tank or bucket as well as a sewage hose, a kitchen rinsing equipment, tabs for cleaning the toilet and drinking water sterilization and basic cleaning equipment

• electronics

Also, the electronics should work flawlessly and minor defects can be resolved quickly. A cable drum with extension cable and at least two adapter cables are a good start. Also, a fresh water tank display can be helpful.

• awnings, awnings and other motorhome accessories

You should have an awning or awning for relaxed sitting by the water or at the campsite. Both can be easily assembled and operated. Also a camping table and enough chairs are important. A step makes getting in and out easier, a ladder is also handy.