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In non-summer seasons when you are not likely to use your motorhome, it is important to store it in the best conditions and to protect it from climatic hazards, collisions or other external aggressions. It is therefore essential to acquire a tarpaulin that will ensure optimal protection.

The benefits of motorhome cover

A motorhome cover is in itself a perfect storage solution as it protects the vehicle from various external aggressions that can eventually damage the interior and exterior of the vehicle such as UV rays, snow, dust or bird droppings. This accessory also protects the vehicle from possible damage it may have when parked on a public parking lot such as scratches. Depending on the models of cover, some will reject up to 80% of the sun's rays, protect the cabin from heat and sun or prevent the formation of frost on the windows.

When you are able to reuse your vehicle, after removing the tarp, you will be amazed at the state of conservation of the motorhome and the high level of protection against mold and condensation. This protection accessory is particularly useful to keep the model in good condition and thus avoid, at the time of sale, to have to pay additional repair costs or be forced to lower the price due to a deterioration of the passenger compartment.

How to choose a motorhome cover?

Before choosing the right model, it is essential to ask yourself whether you want to acquire a standard size or a custom tarpaulin. Some manufacturers offer models adapted to the brand of motorhome and others offer standard models with the possibility to choose between several dimensions.

To ensure optimum protection for your caravan, it is essential to choose a model that can ensure a high level of resistance against external aggressions. For this, it is strongly recommended to choose a polyester model coated with PVC or polyethylene, from 80g to 680 grams / m2.

It is essential to have not only a tarp that provides optimal protection for your vehicle, but also a model that is practical. Favor a model that has openings with zippers, on the driver and passenger side, so you can easily access the camper during the winter seasons.

For a robust and perfect attachment, it is essential to acquire a model that has support straps that can go under the camper, to keep the tarpaulin in place. In addition, choose a model that has a complementary fastening system such as reinforced eyelets to be certain to maintain perfectly the cover.
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