Night Vision Scopes

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The human eye needs light to be able to distinguish objects. Night vision cameras can see the night by sophisticated imaging means. If you are a hunter, practice a profession requiring night vision, or want to capture night images, you will find in this collection what will allow you to pierce the darkness.

What are the different features of night vision devices?

The night vision binoculars enhance the brightness and allow you to perform nocturnal activities such as fishing, boating, but also simply to see in dark environments such as caves. Choose your model according to the activity that is yours. If you are a fan of outdoor activities, be sure to opt for a water-resistant device. For more accurate night-time viewing, choose a model with a large-diameter lens that can zoom. Binoculars with night vision can be monocular, binocular or targeted. Some models focus on individual lenses and automatically adjust their settings according to the intensity of the light. For ease of use, discover a variety of models with straps and grips, and a case to protect your equipment.

Is it possible to capture an image using night vision devices?

The dual function of night vision, provided by the binoculars, and camera-camera is offered by some models. Gamekeepers or border guards may use them, but also those who wish to capture accurate and high-quality night images. You will be able to discover devices with infrared illuminator provided with tripod and usable day and night, but also devices with a recording system.