Nursery Decoration

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Many parents are looking forward to setting up the nursery. While it is still up to the parents of infants and toddlers to furnish the room lovingly and child-friendly, so the little ones want to have a say from a certain age. The nursery decoration can then become a real topic.

Which initial equipment do I need?

Setting up the first nursery is a great step for many parents. But which things do you really need?

• night light

Many children, especially at a very young age, fall asleep better when a small night light is burning. These are available in child-friendly forms, such as animals or stars, but classic forms are not uncommon. They give off a very warm, dimmed light that does not disturb sleep.

• Musical sleep aid

Cuddly toys that you raise on a string and play a soothing bedtime song help many children fall asleep. The melodies are very gentle and usually last only a song long, which brings the children quietly to sleep.

• Mobile

For playing and discovering, but also for self-employment, a mobile is suitable. The choice of shapes and colors is very large and can be chosen arbitrarily.

Further decoration ideas for the nursery

When the children get a bit bigger, more and more decorative elements can be added to the nursery.

For example, play mats and rugs are very popular. These are suitable for learning numbers and letters as well as for the playful learning of behavior in traffic. The more memories the child collects, the more photos can be put on the wall. How about photos from the first Kindergartentag, the last birthday party or Christmas?

For better sleep there are great wall decorations that glow in the dark. A starry sky over the bed can have a calming effect and is also visually a real eye-catcher.