Nursery Wall Stickers

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The "sticker art" has invaded the streets of trendy metropolises, Berlin at the top of the list. Today, this "street art" is inviting in our interiors in the form of wall stickers with different and original patterns. Some are specially adapted for babies' rooms. They allow to personalize and liven up the walls, to the delight of the little ones.

Why decorate a child's room with wall stickers?

Stickers for children are very popular and more and more parents are opting for this option. This allows them to decorate their baby's room with wall stickers that glue and peel off in a snap. No more wallpaper that fades over time and whose patterns will no longer please your child. Baby stickers come in a variety of shapes and colors, as well as childish patterns, perfect for decorating a little girl's or boy's room.

How to choose a wall sticker for a baby?

- Prefer stickers and removable, but especially non-toxic for more security.

- Choose quality acrylic models that can be attached to different types of wall surfaces. Thus, they will stick easily on walls as smooth as rough.

- Opt for brightly colored baby stickers. This will bring a touch of modernity to a traditional child's room.