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Open face helmets are real cult objects since the hit movie "Easy Rider". They are not only a protective measure, but also a fashionable accessory in a retro look. They stand for coolness, independence and a free life feeling. Therefore, there are open helmets in a variety of colors, patterns and styles, so there is just the right thing for every taste.

Which glasses are suitable for a jet helmet?

Normal sunglasses are rather unsuitable for open helmets. They do not protect against wind and insects and quickly break down due to the strain. Therefore, you should fall back on special motorcycle glasses. They protect the eyes optimally and are sealed at the edges. Aviator sunglasses fit perfectly with the style. If you need glasses as a visual aid, should better choose a jet helmet with visor.

How to choose the right open face helmet?

- Which jet helmet forms are there? There are half-shell and three-quarter shell helmets. In the three-quarter shell helmets, the head is better protected, half-shell helmets are more airy.

- Which variants are there? There are open helmets with or without visor. In addition, you can buy helmets with sun protection and chin guard or without, according to personal preferences.

- Are there any security certificates? When buying open helmets, make sure that they are certified according to the European safety standard ECE-2205. They ensure that the open face helmet protects at least the forehead, ears and neck.

- Which designs are there? Whether in retro style or modern, in classic black or with bright colors and eye-catching patterns - here you have the big choice.
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