Outdoor Fruit Plants

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Fruit plants can perform two functions of equal importance. On the one hand, in fact, they represent a decorative element within the garden or green space in which it is intended to be buried, on the other they offer their precious first fruits, which can be consumed in complete safety, because their origin is known. it is certain that potentially toxic chemicals have not been added. Many varieties of fruit trees prove to be perfect ornamental elements, not only in spring and summer, when they are in full bloom, but also in winter, since they do not lose their leaves.

Trees and creepers: what are the differences in the cultivation of the two species?

Alongside the classic fruit trees, such as cherry trees, peach trees, citrus fruits, apple trees and so on, there are also climbing shrubs which, unlike the first, do not grow as much in height as in length. This is the case, for example, of vines, raspberries, currants and various species of blueberries.

How to choose a fruit tree?

- Pay attention to the plant's nutritional needs: there are some that prefer predominantly acid soils, others that grow better in basic soils. - Evaluate the amount of space available and compare it with the growth prospects of the shrub, bearing in mind that the roots , in some cases, they tend to expand a lot inside the soil- In choosing the plant, don't forget to consider the type of climate in your garden