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Red roses should rain it. That's what not only women in love want, but probably most hobby gardeners. The rose now includes more than 250 different species and appears in all the colors of the rainbow. Even the ancient Greeks called it the queen of flowers - not in vain, because it requires much attention and care

Which rose needs to be taken care of?

Horticulturally, a distinction is made between wild roses and cultivated roses. Wild roses are flowers that were not crossed across species borders while cultivated roses were cultivated. Generally, roses can thrive in almost any garden. The following tips will keep your plant healthy and give it a magnificent flowering:

• Location: All roses love the sun and therefore thrive particularly well in flower beds on the south side of the house. However, the direct sunlight on the house wall is too high, as it heats and dries the air and leaves burn easily.

• Soil: Roses thrive best in loam, humus and sand soils, as they not only keep nutrients and water well, they are also permeable and loose. If you incorporate some compost, the rose is also supplied with nutrients.

• Plants: Put roses in the water for a few hours to soak them up. Since they have long, strong roots, the planting hole should be deep enough so that the roots do not fold over. Close cavities after filling the planting hole with your foot and pile some soil around the rose to protect it from frost and wind.

• Fertilizer: For roses to bloom abundantly, they need plenty of fertilizer. Provide your plant with compost, humus or horn shavings.

• Water: Roses need a lot of water, especially in summer. It's best to water extensively in the morning.

• Crop: Rejuvenate the plant by cutting it appropriately in late winter. Remove frozen, sick, damaged or dead shoots. Beetroots can be cut back on five well-distributed, strong shoots of 15 cm in length, climbing roses are cut at the side shoots.
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