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Listening to good music is a universally effective way to relax and share special moments, alone or in company. To do this, concert organizers know it well, it is essential that the sound quality is high, thanks to good loudspeakers.

The sound box is the physical container of the loudspeaker, which is the means that allows our ear to perceive the electrical signal as sound. Also known as dynamic loudspeakers and acoustic speakers, there are terracotta and even cardboard; but the classics from the stage remain those in the shape of a parallelepiped, timeless in the imagination of great rock concerts.

The loudspeakers modulate the transmission of the sound of the speakers and those from the stage allow us to fully enjoy any sound, both indoors and outdoors as in the case of concerts or events. Amateurs and professionals of the show, from music to cabaret, including karaoke, must therefore rely on acoustic amplifiers adapted to the needs of their audience.

How the speakers work

If we disassemble a speaker, we will find the conical speaker inside, in other words: the fulcrum of the speaker. It consists of a magnet that creates the magnetic field, a coil that receives the electrical signal, a suspension that holds all the elements together and a membrane that is the part that produces the sound waves.

Most of the pairs of loudspeakers on sale have the amplifier inside and are therefore called amplified or "active": to put the casing into operation just connect it via cables or wireless system to the sound source. Passive loudspeakers instead, having no internal amplifier, need a preamplifier: used only in professional musical environments, they are more difficult to install.

The power of the loudspeakers, including the stage ones, is measured in Hertz (Hz): our ear perceives frequencies from 20 to 20,000 HZ, and most speakers have at least two speakers to reproduce this range.

The shape and the size of the membrane divide the speakers inside a box in three types that produce different tones and frequencies:

- woofer and subwoofer: treble tones with an average frequency of 15-1500 HZ

- midrange: medium tones with an average frequency of 500-3000 HZ

- tweeter: low tones, with an average frequency of 2,000-30,000 HZ (the shape of these speakers is domed and not conical)

Which acoustic speakers to buy?

The power, size and range of frequencies that the different loudspeakers on offer offer are the most important factors to consider if we have to buy a pair of amplifiers.

For a private event in the garden, pairs of speakers sold with the supports may be suitable, while to play with the band in the rehearsal room, the power of the amplifier and the soundproofing of the room will need to be evaluated well. For more structured musical events and for a wide audience, where the frequency range is complex, it is better to choose professional speakers composed of several speakers.

The dimensions do not affect the performance of the speakers. On the other hand, it is important to know the type of speakers (medium or treble bass) suitable for different musical genres: medium tones include the sounds of most musical instruments and are ideal for rock and pop music, while for disco music evenings the ideal is the bass.

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