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For painting vehicles and metal parts, paint spray guns are used to apply the paint layers thinly and evenly. When working with a brush or a painting roller stripes could arise that are difficult to remove later. A paint spray gun is not only useful in vehicle construction as a practical tool. It is used in housing construction and in the finishing of furniture. Artists use paint guns to create fantastic pictures that convince with unique depictions. A simple variant of the paint spray guns are color sprays.

What is a paint spray gun?

A paint gun or spray gun is a tool that you use to apply paint or paint. It requires compressed air to finely atomize the paint. The compressed air is provided via a compressor or a connected pressure bottle. The paint is supplied via a line under pressure or via a gravity cup by gravity. In order for the paint to be well distributed, it must have a certain consistency. It must not be too viscous so that it can be pressed through the fine nozzles without faltering. If it is too thin, it may stick badly on the surface.

How to choose the right paint gun?

- Which color should be applied? Read the description to see if the spray gun is suitable for your colors.

- Which nozzles do you want to use? Depending on the fineness of the details you need different nozzles. Check whether your tools fit with the existing connections on the new paint spray gun.