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Keeping our vehicles in perfect condition is essential if we want to extend their useful life, both outside and inside. Fortunately, over the years, we have at our disposal a host of user-friendly tools that allow us to carry out home repairs, but always with professional results, such as, for example, car paints.

What steps should I follow to paint a body?

• First of all, find the right place to carry out your task: This should be a ventilated area, with very little dust, good lighting and enough space to allow you to move around the vehicle with ease. One of the most important precautions is the presence of heaters or ovens in the place of the painting, since these can enter into combustion in contact with the gases of the paint.

• Second, make sure you have all the material you will need by hand: From paint, paint accessories, tools for sanding or polishing, to the appropriate safety equipment.

• Before you start painting, it is important that you eliminate the rust and try to make any dent disappear. Also, if your vehicle contains plastic or chromed upholstery, it is best to remove it and put it back once painted. In addition, it is essential that you sand the original paint well on the surface until you reach the metal, so that the new paint adheres as well as possible.

• Finally, do not forget to use protective tape to cover those parts of the vehicle you do not want to paint, including windows, handles or mirrors. Also, make sure there are no holes in the tape, since the paint could accidentally seep through them.

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