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It's from human daydreams. Teenagers, and those who are older, often fantasize about what their ideal home will be like. Most agree that their home will be large, with several floors, perfectly decorated with all the matching furniture, and with garden. The latter is an almost invariable element in the collective imagination. Breakfast on the porch while smelling freshly cut grass, a small garden to prepare recipes with organic foods and a pool where you can take long baths in the summer heat. Whoever has a garden has a treasure, but, as the sun is very treacherous, to enjoy this safely you have to make sure you have enough space in the shade. Buying awnings, canopies or umbrellas can be the solution.

Differences between awnings, canopies and umbrellas

• Awnings for the garden can be polyester, acrylic or micro perforated. The first material is the cheapest option, although it does not guarantee a long survival. Micro perforated awnings filter 94 percent of UV rays and allow optimal ventilation. The intermediate option, the awnings of acrylic materials, resist very well the tears, the wind and the humidity.

• Canopies can be anchored to doors and windows, or directly to a wall. They can be made with aluminum or polycarbonate. In the market you can also find specific items for swings.

• Umbrellas can be eccentric, with the mast on one side, or centric, which have the grip in the middle. Regarding the materials of manufacture, the most popular are aluminum, stainless steel, wood or plastic.
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