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Quilts are the most popular household items, not only because they provide comfort and rest superior to any other bedding, but because, in addition, these largely determine the look and style of the room. One of its best qualities is that, besides protecting ourselves from the cold during the winter months, we can find quilts of different thicknesses, being possible to use them throughout the year. Also, due to its fame, we can now find an endless duvet covers that will bring to your room a personalized decorative touch: from smooth single-color covers, to others that have different patterns and a wider color range.

What quilt to buy?

There are different types of quilts in the market, differentiated, mainly, according to the material of which they are composed. In any case, before opting for one, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

• The filling: Synthetic or natural? You must choose according to your needs. Synthetic fillers are usually made up of fibers such as polyester, while natural ones can contain feathers or down feathers. The natives, generally, contribute more heat than the synthetics, since they isolate better the cold and are breathable. Also, synthetics are more resistant, getting longer life, and are cheaper.

• Measurements: Keep in mind that your quilt should stand out, at least, about 30 centimeters on each side of your bed.

• Grammages: The grammage, or density of the filling, is one of the most important details to consider. It is measured in grams per square meter and, the more grammage, the more heat the quilt will provide. The grammage does not condition the quality of the product, but must be chosen depending on the climate of the area in which we live or the temperature of our room. Normally, the grammage will range between 100 and 500 grams per square meter, but bear in mind that a synthetic fiber filling will need a greater grammage than one of down or feathers.

• Make-up: Make sure your quilt contains well-made internal seams or seams so that the filling is well distributed. If you do not have them, the filler could be compressed in one part of the quilt and would not isolate the cold properly.

• Cleaning: Quilts with natural fill do not usually allow machine washing, which would complicate the cleaning process. If you decide on a natural one, you should perform a dry cleaning. On the contrary, you can easily insert the synthetics into the washing machine.

What are the advantages of a duvet quilt?

The quilt was a real revolution in the bedding market, providing the consumer with a series of advantages:

• With this type of bedspread, it is not necessary to use top sheets, we will only have to place the bottom sheet on our bed, and cover it with the quilt, previously wrapped in its corresponding duvet cover. Thus, quilts greatly simplify the process of making the bed.

• We must ventilate and shake it once a week so that it maintains its natural shape, but the quilts do not require an exhaustive or habitual cleaning.

• They tend to be quite light, so we will not have to put on too much weight at bedtime. In addition, they adapt perfectly to our body and are breathable, keeping us away from the humidity outside as well as from our own body, providing a pleasant sleep.

• While blankets or bedspreads can accumulate a lot of dust, Nordic quilts are recognized for preventing allergies. You can find anti-mite and antiallergic comforters that ensure maximum protection.