Patio Heaters

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You want to make your exteriors more comfortable when the temperatures become less lenient? Nothing beats a proper heater to prolong the pleasure of moments of relaxation and comfort in your garden or on your terrace. Aimed at professionals as well as individuals, these outdoor devices come in many concepts and formats.

Outdoor heaters: what are the different models?

Appreciated for their ease of installation, outdoor wall heaters usually take the form of a rectangular box. Very discreet, they cover up to 10 m². Containing one or more halogen lamps, these terrace heaters emit infrared light that illuminate a given area. Then come the devices in the form of umbrella. Powered by gas or electricity, these devices can generate a heating power of about 2500 W depending on the model. Operating with bioethanol or wood, outdoor fireplaces are an alternative to heated parasols. Presented in the form of a traditional fireplace to be laid on the ground, table fireplace or brazier, these heaters are designed to combine practicality and design.

How to choose your outdoor heater?

- Bet on a wall-mounted infrared heater if your deck is small.

- Choose a gas model if you have a living space of 20 m² and more.

- Let yourself be tempted by an outdoor fireplace if you want to bring a friendly and decorative touch to your garden.
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