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Headsets for use on PC and laptop

Headsets are needed for video chat and telephony on the PC. Also, many gamers use the practical headsets to experience the games with a realistic surround sound. In the headphones, a microphone is integrated. High-quality models offer very good voice quality thanks to the noise reduction. In addition to the classic models with earpiece, there are small and compact in-ear solutions.

Are headsets compatible with any PC?

Yes. You connect the headset via the jack to your PC or laptop. The port is located on the motherboard or on the sound card of the computer. Alternatively, you can opt for a Bluetooth headset. The wireless connection is made via a USB stick. This stick is plugged into a free USB port of the PC. It is included with the headset and guarantees a secure wireless connection.

How to choose suitable headsets?

- Are headsets with earcups or in-ear models the better choice? You make this selection based on your individual preferences. In terms of sound quality, there is no difference between the two variants, as long as you invest in a high-quality model. If you like the comfortable comfort of wearing the soft earpieces, opt for such a model.

- What are in-ear headsets? They have the microphone integrated and can be worn very inconspicuously. These models are the right choice for you if you do not mind wearing headphones inside the ear.