Pedestal Boxing Bags

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Essential for training many combat sports, including boxing, the punching bag is a valuable tool for technical work, power shots and endurance. If you do not have the prerequisites to attach a traditional punching bag, opt for a punching bag, whether you are a professional or a hobbyist.

The different types of punch bags

There are two different types of punch bags:

· The punching ball: moving back and forth this boxing ball is ideal if you want to work the sight, precision and evasion.

· The freestanding punching bag: resistant and stable, this punching bag allows the boxer to move around the base thus making work speed and linking.

How to choose a punch bag?

There are several things to consider when choosing your bag:

· Matter: it depends on your level. Beginners will opt for a soft bag like canvas, experienced boxers will prefer a polyurethane synthetic coating and professionals will rely on the classic leather punching bag.

· Size: this time depends on the type of boxing you practice. Thai boxer? Opt for a long bag, more than 120 cm because this type of boxing requires the use of feet. English boxers meanwhile can be content with a bag whose size is between 80 and 110 cm.

· Weight: It depends on your level, the more you are confirmed the more the container of the bag must be heavy. We recommend foam for children.