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It is possible that, at some time, you have seen the unpleasant situation of running out of gas and having to walk a long distance to the nearest service station or call a friend or relative to take you a little. Undoubtedly, having an approved decanter in the trunk, next to a collection tray, a tank nozzle and a fuel funnel, this would not have happened. Therefore, this may be a splendid time to get the complete kit and drive safer and more confident.

Can you take gas containers in the trunk?

Carrying gasoline in the trunk of your vehicle is allowed as long as it is done properly. In this sense, you must have an approved container, that is, that complies with the stipulated safety standards and, in addition, does not exceed a certain amount. Usually, this is at 20 liters per carafe, more than enough to get you out of a hurry.

How to choose containers for gasoline?

- Pay attention to capacity. The most common carafes tend to have between 5 and 20 liters of capacity. In this sense, opting for larger ones, even if they occupy more space, may be more useful.

- Search for homologation. Remember that if the container is not approved, public authorities can fine you for carrying fuel irregularly. In addition, it is extremely dangerous.

- Have funnel and nozzle for the tank. So you will not have to worry about buying both items separately and you can pour gasoline without spilling a drop.