Picnic Barbecues

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Picnic and portable barbecue

A barbecue is not only an ideal opportunity to cook different types of dishes on the grill but also a moment of aggregation: from the evenings with friends, to family lunches passing for another thousand occasions that require a roast on flame or hot coals, not there is an opportunity that can not be celebrated with a barbecue.

However, at every occasion, space and requirement, there is a different type of instrument: there are barbecues to be placed outside of apartments, independent houses and in the garden and there are portable turntables suitable for picnics or outdoor adventures like camping barbecues.

How to choose picnic and portable barbecues

Portable barbecues have structures that adapt to mobility, transport and positioning in different environments and contexts.

There are picnic barbecues with adjustable legs or wheels that prevent spoiling the ground on which they are placed and facilitate easy movement. With a lid system, they allow you to open the cooking grid and close the instrument immediately after use or to protect the embers between cooking. Generally the operation involves the use of coal for barbecue but there are ovens with a gas or electric system that do not require the combustion of this material.

A portable camping barbecue is then the ideal solution for outdoor adventures, as it allows the cooking of meat, fish, vegetables and much more, in different types of environment. From camping on the sea, to camping at high altitude, the different types of portable barbecue with or without lid, with disposable or washable grids, with bases to be fixed to the ground or other supports, of sizes suitable for small or large groups of people, they will be the ideal solution to their outdoor meals.