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Choosing a pillow is a complex task, since it is a fundamental element for your rest and a bad choice can lead to neck and back pain, as well as snoring, breathing or circulation problems and insomnia.

What pillow to buy?

Keep in mind that, on it, you rest the head and neck about 7 or 8 hours on average per day, so it is very important that when buying your pillow you have in mind:

• Material: There are fiber, fresh and comfortable, latex, soft and that adapt well to the shape of the head, and visco elastic, whose flexibility will allow a total adaptation of the pillow to the shape of your head.

• Treatment against mites: To protect you from bacteria, fungi and allergens.

• Height and firmness: These are two very personal criteria, since each person has a certain degree of firmness and height, so it is advisable that you pay attention to the indications made by the manufacturer in this regard.

Types of pillows

• Standard pillows: The rectangular classic that we usually use in bed.

• Travel: Designed to rest your head and neck vertically while traveling by train, bus or plane.

• For legs: It is placed between the legs when sleeping to relieve pressure on the hips and back.

• Lumbar: For greater comfort and relief of the lower back while sitting.

• Body: Designed for pregnant women, as they improve the support of your body during sleep.

• Cylindrical: Keep the neck aligned with the head, which reduces cervical pain.

• Reading: Allow your back to rest comfortably while you read, usually in the shape of a wedge.

• Antironquidos: Ergonomic that keep the neck raised during sleep.

• For neck: Help keep the vertical column in a good position.