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If you love to dine and organize aperitifs based on Daisies and Capricciose, the pizza oven will become your best ally. Easy to use even for the less experienced, the appliance dedicated to gourmets will help you cook the dough as in pizzeria. Ready to impress friends and family?

How to clean the electric pizza oven with refractory stone

The pizza oven, as well as being practical to use, are also easy to sanitize. Many models, in fact, provide a sort of self-cleaning, which you will have to perform outdoors, bringing the temperature to the maximum and keeping the lid closed. In this way, in a time that varies from twenty minutes to a couple of hours, you will see the refractory stone whitened by repeated cooking. If, then, remain of incrustations, you can remove them with the help of a spatula, to be used obviously when the oven has cooled. A steel or plastic brush will also be useful for scraping removable refractory stones. In this case, the surfaces should be placed under water and rubbed, even with soda, taking care not to overcoat too much. If you follow these directions, your pizza oven will always remain as new and will accompany you in a thousand culinary adventures.

How to choose the oven for pizza

- To ensure a product similar to the professional ones, focus on stainless steel and refractory stone models

- If you are looking for efficiency, choose a device with a double cooking chamber or able to churn out dozens of pizzas every hour

- For versatile use, select cookers that also prepare desserts, meat and sandwiches

- For maximum functionality, check the presence of a timer and an adjustable thermostat

- For a perfectly cooked pizza, choose small ovens that reach a temperature of about 400 °