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Knives and blades have been companions of man since the dawn of humanity. By using sharp stones and shells the first men could defend themselves, slice food or cut various types of materials to create clothes and shelters. Today this need still survives in those dedicated to hiking and in the course of their adventures in the countryside can be found in situations where a knife turns out to be a precious ally.

How to choose a hiking knife

A hiking knife must first be comfortable, small and safe to transport. Whether kept in a pocket, hanging on a belt or in an external pocket of a backpack, it must be light and above all, place the blade in a compartment or case that prevents accidental cutting when you grab it.

The blade can be fixed but covered by a guard or it can be hidden: it can be hidden in a butterfly-shaped handle or folded inside the handle itself.

The handle must be ergonomic, ie designed to facilitate the grip and equipped with non-slip surfaces. In some cases there is also a ring to insert the thumb, so as to further facilitate the grip.

As for the blade, it must be rustproof and sharp, to be able to cut both at the tip and from the side. Very common are the models that mount a sickle-shaped blade, that is curved, particularly useful for filleting or to skin a piece of wood, for example.

In terms of versatility the reference point remains the Swiss knives or other similar multi-purpose knives: their strength is a spring mechanism that makes it possible to place many other accessory tools inside a plastic or metal handle, which they can really be precious when you are in a wood or you go fishing: for example, saws, blades of variable size, nippers or fish scales.

Finally, it must be remembered that the port of a knife must always be well motivated: if you are not going on an excursion but are just taking a walk in the city, leave your knife at home.