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In the field of automotive bodywork, the polisher is an indispensable tool that enhances the aesthetics of a vehicle by polishing and polishing its flat surfaces, while providing a significant power and speed of work. There are several categories (orbital or circular), each suitable for different needs. Professionals or car enthusiasts, the polisher is an essential tool in everyday life.

How to properly use your electric polisher?

As a first step, consider preparing the surface you are going to treat by cleaning it with suitable products. Then, you can press the polisher on this surface and make small movements by pressing lightly so as not to damage the surface and your tool.

How to choose among electric polishers?

- Opt for a circular (or rotary) polishing sander for work requiring polishing and deep buffing. This type of sander is equipped with a powerful motorization and a high speed of rotation. If you regularly use your polisher, choose a light model.

- Bet on an orbital polisher for work requiring simple finishes or a polish application. These models are less powerful but lighter and more manageable. They include a speed variator. Remember to use your tool with foam pads.

- Prefer an orbital polisher to a rotary polisher if the surface you want to polish is varnished.
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