Pool Balls

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Billiard balls for professionals and amateurs of the game

Billiard is an Olympic discipline that boasts ancient origins and is practiced by many enthusiasts. Billiard balls allow you to enjoy carambola, snooker and Italian game: some variants require balls with dimensions and colors that may differ depending on the specialty.

How are billiard balls made?

The sphericity and the balancing must be perfect as well as the weight that must be that foreseen by the specialty. The billiard balls are made of synthetic resin, while those in ivory, used in previous decades, have become collectible objects. The spheres are produced by printing followed by an assemblage made so that the air does not penetrate by modifying the weight, thus ensuring high precision shots.

How to choose billiard balls?

- Choose according to specialty: if you have a pool table, the balls must measure 57 mm in diameter while you will use 4 white and 4 red balls of about 61.5 mm and a 59 mm ball to play bottles

- For the snooker you will need 15 red balls, one white and six different colors: each ball has a different value

- Do not forget that balls can be bought loose and that training balls have special markings to learn the effects